Professor Claes Tingvall Dr Med Sc
Director of traffic safety at the Swedish Road
Administration. Chairman of EuroNCAP

Claes Tingvall has held positions related to traffic safety since 1976, and has mainly published in the area of injury epidemiology, vehicle occupant protection and design methods for in-depth analyses of accident data collected in the field. More recently, Claes Tingvall was director of the Monash University Accident Research Centre, Australia, where he currently still holds a professorship. Since 2001, Claes Tingvall has been director of traffic safety in Sweden.

Zero deaths is the most rational long-term safety target
‘Eradication philosophy’ makes a lot of sense. It is the type of approach that can lead us further than just
intermediate targets or simply trying to make things a bit better every year. Vision Zero should be seen as the
management tool for road safety in a modern society. The success and outcomes of this approach in Sweden
will be discussed as well as some of the products and innovations that have resulted.

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